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JetBrains IDE 插件

¥JetBrains IDEs Plugin

社区 plugin,为 JetBrains IDE 中的 UnoCSS 提供支持。

¥A community plugin that provides support for UnoCSS in JetBrains IDEs.


注意:这是一个社区维护的插件,未经 UnoCSS 团队审查或维护。使用前请自行研究。如果你对此插件有任何问题,请向 re-ovo/unocss-intellij 报告。

¥Note: This is a community-maintained plugin, not reviewed or maintained by the UnoCSS team. Please do your own research before using. If you have any issues with this plugin, please report it to re-ovo/unocss-intellij.



JetBrains 市场

¥JetBrains Marketplace



  • UnoCSS 类的自动补齐

    ¥Auto-completion for UnoCSS classes

  • UnoCSS 类的悬停文档

    ¥Hover documentation for UnoCSS classes

  • 代码折叠

    ¥Code folding

  • 颜色/图标预览

    ¥Color/Icon preview


¥Bug Reports / Feature Requests

举报至 问题跟踪器

¥Report it at Issue Tracker